You’re searching for activities in GTA Online? Then read on. Grand Theft Auto’s online universe is large and packed with enough events and activities to last you the rest your gaming life. You might need some help to navigate the vast online world. While you will see many things, it’s impossible to know if you have seen all of its best events, cars, or secrets. Make sure you have enough in-game cash to get started and then go through the following list to see the best activities for your Blaine County bucket-list. GTA Account Boosting can be used for better gaming experience.

1. Enjoy the Doomsday Heist

The GTA Online Doomsday Heist update is one of the most ambitious and outrageous Rockstar updates. Although you will need to spend a lot of cash in-game to fulfill its requirements (we have covered that in our GTA Online Beginner’s Guide on page previous), it is a multi-part, maniacal mission. Grab the flying, DeLorean-esque Imponte Deluxo! You can team up with a neurotic supercomputer. San Andreas is the first place to fly jetpacks since GTA! The Doomsday Heist is an eight- to ten-hour-long, fun-filled, full-game-sized adventure. Why aren’t YOU playing?

2. Transform Races

Transform Races are the best example of GTA Online’s absurdity and giddiness. These fantastical checkpoint races are set around huge, Scalextric tracks that hug the sky. Your vehicle will transform from a supercar to a flying machine or a small jet ski as you navigate these incredible tracks. These hamster tubes are so thrilling that Rockstar should make the races their own series.

3. Get ready for Motor Wars

Battle royales are a big deal unless you have been in the Amazon Basin for more than a year. Not to miss out on a slice of Fortnite and PUBG ‘s pie, GTA Online recently introduced its own version of last-player-standing. Motor Wars is a competition where four teams of up to four people jump out of a Cargobob equipped with only one pistol. They must compete for vehicles and guns over a shrinking map until they reach the final crim. This tactical, intense event is not to be missed.

4. Be a CEO

The Doomsday Heist’s main cash-consuming barrier is the CEO status. This feature was introduced in the Executives And Other Criminals update. It requires you to buy an office to be a corporate mega boss. Although the Maze West in Del Perro is the cheapest, it will still cost $1,000,000 via the Dynasty 8 executive site. Once you become a CEO, you can hire other players to become associates/bodyguards to protect you; an utterly awesome byproduct of your new big cheese status.

5. Hire mercenaries and then watch them kill from your flat

You can hire Merryweather Mercenaries once you have reached level 35 to kill other players. Although they may not always succeed in their wetwork misadventures, it can be quite thrilling to watch them attempt to capture your rivals. The best part is that you can see the mercs chase the target from your apartment if you place a bounty on them. Big Brother is watching… and he’s packing some heat.

6. The Orbital Cannon can be fired

You can add your own weapons system to your underground facility if you feel particularly wealthy or have been given a large number of Shark Cards by a friend. An Orbital Cannon, which can kill anyone on the map, can be purchased for $900,000. However, this can only be installed if you have $500,000 in cash. Long-range murder never tasted so decadent.

7. Your Tron Light Cycle

The Nagasaki Shotaro is a great bike for those who are feeling extremely flush. This two-wheeled wonder is inspired partly by Akira’s futuristic ride, but mostly designed after Tron Legacy’s brilliant sci-fi speedters. The Shotaro was first introduced in the Deadline update. It costs more than $2,000,000 Although it is a huge sum, you don’t have to pay that much for a sci-fi legend.

8. The riotous Ruiner 2000 is now available for purchase

Although it is expensive, the Ruiner 2000 is the most fun and gleeful car in GTA Online. This parody of Knight Rider’s KITT features machine guns, missiles and, most importantly, its own parachute. This makes it ideal for performing aerial stunts. Mount Chiliad’s peak is calling…

9. Drop in to Drop Zone

GTA Online has a way of throwing you off to incredible heights. Drop Zone, which is similar to Motor Wars, shunts you from a Cargobob and then sees up four teams fighting for control points. Another nerve-shredding mode, this one requires tight coordination but it’s still a fun and hectic game.

10. Find out the secret UFO mission

After many years of players searching code for signs of alien life in GTA 5, the now legendary Mount Chiliad mystery was solved, Rockstar finally gave in and added a UFO mission to GTA Online. The requirements to unlock this alien egg mission are very strict. You must complete 600 Gunrunner supply missions, and then start a new supply runs between 21:00 and 23:00 in-game. You can’t deny that there are aliens in the GTA.

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