You’ve probably seen the most common tools used by bartenders when making a drink. The cocktail shaker, strainer, and jigger are all essential tools for serious bartenders. They’re used to create interesting cocktails, shots, and other non-alcoholic beverages.

The art of mixology changes constantly. We’re seeing bartenders use more than the traditional muddler or mixing spoon lately. A cocktail smoker is something that many of our favorite mixologists have at their bar these days.

It’s not a new thing — New York bartenders have been smoking cocktails for almost 15 years. It’s becoming more popular because it’s easy and impressive, provided you know how it works. Maybe it’s because most people spent 2020 at home and are looking for new ways to drink.

Are you ready to find out what cocktail smoking really is? We’ll show you what a cocktail smoke is and how it works.

What does it mean to be a cocktail smoker?

A cocktail smokers adds smoke and smokiness to a drink. There are many options for setting up a smoking gun, including the smoking box, smoking cloche, and smoking lid. However, all require wood chips and a smoker gun.

How a Cocktail Smoker works

Heat wood chips in the chamber of the smoking gun. Attach a hose to the end of your gun. The hose is then passed through the lid or box. After the chips have melted, you can press the “on” button to start inhaling smoke into your cocktail.

Voila! You’ll have a cool, delicious smoked cocktail in no time.

How do you use a cocktail smoker?

You think you are a celebrity because you can make cocktails at home using a shaker and a jigger. You want to be a master mixologist at your home bar and have a collection of barware that includes a cocktail smoker.

Cocktail smokers are perfect for infusing smoky flavor to Scotch and whiskey drinks. You can add smoky flavor to your favorite cocktail, whether it’s an Old-fashioned or Manhattan.

There are several ways to smoke a cocktail depending on what flavor you want.

It is best to smoke the glass and not the cocktail. Smoke sticks to things that are chilled, so you can smoke an empty, chilled glass before even pouring your cocktail. This will give you the best smoke flavor with a subtle smokiness that won’t affect the taste of the drink.

If you want a stronger, more smoky flavor, you can make your cocktail in a glass and then smoke it. This is the best method. You can transform any drink with some wood and heat into a smoky sensation. It looks almost like it has just come out of a lab.

You’ll impress your friends at the next dinner party by learning how to smoke cocktails at home. Even if they don’t like the smoky flavour, they’ll still enjoy the show.

Are you ready to find the right cocktail smoker for you? These seven are our top picks, great for both the professional and amateur bartender.

Crafthouse by Fortessa Smoking Box

The Crafthouse by Fortessa Smoking Box is pretty much the best cocktail smoking box you can buy. It adds a delicious, smoky flavor to your drink. The glass box allows you to watch the smoke work its magic. This is a treat for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

The Fortessa cocktail smoker box comes with a stainless steel frame and four glass sides. It also includes a handheld smoking gun and smoking chips. Simply make your drink and place it in the box. Then, insert the hose into the box opening.

The whole box, as well as the drink inside, will be filled with smoke. This makes for a delicious cocktail with extra drama.

Smoke Board Smoked Cocktail Kit

The Smoke Board Smoked Cocktail Kit is loaded with the supplies needed to make a smoky cocktail. The kit contains cherry, pecan, and white oak smoking chips, a white Oak smoking board, a smoking gun, and a mason container to infuse your cocktails.

You will also find a handy travel case for when you need to bring your smoker to a friend.

While some cocktail smokers only come with small quantities of wood chips, this one includes three large jars that can make 300 cocktails.

Although this kit is great for smoking cocktails, it lacks the essential component of butane gas to light the torch. You can’t ship butane through the mail, or via a delivery service. So you will need to go to your local hardware store to purchase some.

Smoking Gun Wood Smoke Infuser Kit

Are you looking for a smokey old-fashioned, smoky scotch, and soda? The Smoking Gun Wood Smoke Infuser Kit lets you do so with ease.

This kit includes a cocktail smoker, a smoking gun, AA batteries, a stand and a flexible hose. It also comes with a smoking disk lid. Simply pour your drink into a glass of your choice, then cover it with the lid and insert the smoking hose through a hole in the disk. The cold smoke method will give your drink a delicious, smoky taste.

The infuser includes four wood chips: cherry, cherry, hickory, and cottonwood. The infuser also includes mesh filters, a cleaning brush and tweezers. It is super easy to assemble right out of the box.

This infuser can be used to add smoky flavor to meats, cheeses, and other foods even if you don’t feel like making smoky cocktails.

Breville The Smoking Gun Pro

Breville makes great juicers, food processors, and cocktail smokers for professional use in restaurants and high-end bars as well as at home.

The Breville Smoking Gun Pro is a handheld smoker with an extra-large chamber to load in your wood chips. The gun is equipped with a silicone smoking tube, a sturdy base that keeps it upright and in a safe place. You can choose to smoke cocktails slowly or vigorously.

This is the perfect smoker for serious mixologists. You get four mesh filter screens, four AA batteries, and sample wood chips in Applewood and hickory flavors.

MITBAK Cold Smoking Gun

One of the reasons we love the MITBAK Cold Smoking Gun is that it doesn’t come with a box to put your drink inside or a flat lid to put over your glass. It comes with a dome cloche that is great for smoking cocktails, as well as meats and cheeses.

The smoke gun kit includes wood chips, a rechargeable lithium battery and mesh filter screens. Simply place your glass or plate under the lid and then insert the hose into the dome. Once the dome is open, light your wood chips.

It’s very easy to use and versatile.

Homia Smoking Gun Smoke Infuser

The Homia Smoking Gun Smoke Infuser allows you to cold smoke your favorite cocktails. This kit includes a smoking gun, flexible hose, a lid with a disk, and tall smoking lids for tall glasses.

You will also find seven wood chip flavors, 20 additional mesh filter screens, batteries, and a smoking cocktail bowl so that you can serve serious style.

The cocktail smoker can be used for intense or light smoking. You can enjoy three different types of cocktails with the flat lid, tall dome lid, and cocktail ball. This is a great way to impress your friends at home by creating some magic in the bar.

Gramercy Kitchen Company Cocktail Smoker

The Gramercy Kitchen Company Cocktail Smoker is one of the most affordable cocktail smokers on Amazon, and it gets some of the best reviews. The only downside is that it doesn’t come with a lid or a cloche — you’ll need to pick up one of those separately.

This smoker kit comes with a handheld infuser and wood chips. It also includes a cleaning brush, mesh filter screen screens, and a storage bag that can be used to store all accessories between uses. This is a great way for smoking cocktails. You can choose which lid you prefer to use so you can smoke meats, plated meals and salmon, as well as other foods and snacks.

Are Cocktail Smokers Changing the Taste of Your Drinks

Cocktail smokers add smoke to a drink, but they can also make it look more smokey. We recommend experimenting before you attempt to impress your guests at your next house party by serving smoke-filled drinks.

Certain liquors work well with certain types of wood. Try smoking your favorite whiskey cocktail with hickory wood or applewood chips. Try smoking your favorite Scotch with different types of cherry or pecan wood chips. Give your favorite bourbon a try with cottonwood or pear wood chips.