Everyone’s lives are different when it comes to health and wellness. This is just one person’s life story.

When I was young, I can still remember holding the hand of my grandmother as we entered the local metaphysical shop. I was instructed by her to close my eyes and graze my hands on the crystals to see which one calls to me.

My trust in crystals grew as I grew older. Moonstone was used to treat my always-irritable GI tract. Celestite helped calm my anxiety before bed. Rose quartz helped me practice self-love.

It was only recently that I realized that my healing energy was in me, not my crystals. They almost acted like a placebo effect. I was able to focus and relax with the crystals.

I use writing, yoga, and crystal healing to calm my mind.

My most treasured possessions are my crystals. They remind me of my childhood as a New Age energy healer and third-generation New Age. I also love them and have learned to care for them. Each one is a disease, emotion, or desire that I identify. It is a lesson that I use to heal, guide, self-assurance, self-love, and provide guidance.

Modern “witchcraft” and New Age practices, especially in medicine, are not for everyone. However, I encourage you to consider the mind’s healing power. Look at the placebo effect.

ResearchersTrusted sources have investigated this intriguing effect. The placebo effect is an inter-personal healing method that differs from natural healing or the use of medication.

These researchers view the placebo as neither an herbal nor a pharmaceutical treatment. It can be used to treat certain conditions and disorders. Harvard Women’s Health Watch reports that people often feel better even though they know they’re taking the placebo.

These studies show that the placebo effect can be powerful and real. What can we do to harness the power of the placebo for healing?

Words are important: What is conscious speech?

Your words should reflect the person you are trying to portray. To help you get started, our Conscious Language Guide will explain terms such as person-first and identity-first languages.

This is my routine. This is my routine. I use crystals to help me meditate. I hope you will see the value of quiet rituals, even though there isn’t any scientific research.

My routine changes depending on my heart and body needs, but there are some important steps that I make sure to follow:

1. Find out what is wrong and pick a stone

Perhaps I have entered another stage of my battle with IBS. I have learned that stress causes me to have more stomach upsets than any food. This is something that I have come to understand through experience and time. Maybe I’m feeling sad or lost and cannot find a cause for my unhappiness. Perhaps I’m just breaking out.

Focus on what you need. A local metaphysical shop should stock a variety of crystals and stones with descriptions and uses. My grandmother and other spiritual healers are my sources of wisdom. They are like an encyclopedia of stones. It’s amazing.

You? These are the crystals and stones I use most frequently:


Moonstone: To my stomach. Moonstone is a stone that can help you to make new beginnings. It also has a great treatment for stress relief. One time, while shopping for crystals I came across this gorgeous white moonstone, which was suspended from a delicate silver chain.

Its description? “Known to aid digestion system” It was like the stone knew that my stomach could be very difficult at times. To encourage healthy, positive beginnings, I wear the moonstone around me at all times.


Celestite To sleep. Celestite has been known to be both uplifting for the soul and calming for the mind. This beautiful blue stone is a great addition to your nightstand. It puts me in a great place to have a restful and peaceful night, check them out here.


Black Onyx: To ground. This stone was given to me by my grandmother when I was on my first long journey away from home. I also gave it to my sister after I started college. Black onyx has been known to stabilize happiness and transform negative energy.


Disclaimer: Different sources may give different meanings to your crystals. Although this can be confusing, it is quite liberating. You have the power to set a direction for your healing based on your body’s needs.

2. Respect the stones and clean them

My personal belief is that it is important to clear any negative or stale energy out of your healing tools to ensure they are ready to assist you. You can do this by simply rinsing the tools with cold water and burning sage. Sage is believed to be able to give you clean, new energy.

To make good smoke, all you have to do is light the end of a bundle of sage. Run the stone through the smoke, to remove any staleness.

3.  Set an intention

This is where the famous placebo effect plays a role. We live in an exciting time of spiritual discovery. Even researchersTrustedSource are seeing how spirituality can be a creative and productive solution to many health problems. This is how it works:

You are going to heal yourself.

Personally, I love holding the crystal close to the area of my body that I want to heal. Moonstone is used for my stomach. I meditate with the moonstone resting on my stomach. If I’m using emotional stones, I’ll place them on my forehead. It is important to set an intention for healing and to encourage your body and mind that it can happen.

You can do what you want, no matter if you are a third-generation witch or an energy healer. It is the practice of having a positive outlook. 


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