August 13, 2022

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Traveling With Sex Toy? These Are The Things You Need To Know

Although the doors to the rest of the world are open, that doesn’t mean you can live in comfort. It is important to find the best way to travel with your sex toys. While you want to keep your favorite toys safe and sound, and keep them out of reach, there are rules to follow if you need to transport battery-powered devices aboard an aircraft. This could cause some awkward situations.

Let’s take a look at what you can do and cannot do while traveling with the best sucking male masturbator and the steps to ensure everything arrives in good condition.

You can travel wherever you want, if you have your own transportation. You’ll need to be more cautious if you are flying. This is where the key lies – not following all rules regarding sex toys (we couldn’t find any specific rules in any authority’s ordinance about dildos), but following some tangentially related rules. You should be cautious about lithium batteries. They are highly regulated because of their tendency to explode if they are not used properly.

They are a fire risk due to the baggage handlers’ tendency to throw suitcases with reckless abandon. Therefore, lithium batteries can not be placed in the hold. You will need to keep any powered toys with integrated batteries in your hand luggage.

You can remove the battery if you wish. If not, the parts can be separated and stored in your bag.

You can check some things in your checked baggage. However, devices such as mini-vibes that use regular batteries are okay, while non-powered toys, like the best Fleshlights, are safe to put in your hold. If you have the option, it is a good idea to do so.

The’mesh bag with vibrators’ method is not recommended by us, but we do recommend it.

How to travel with a sexy toy: Staying safe

If you are on the road, batteries are not the only thing to be concerned about. Toys made from soft materials can quickly accumulate lint and dirt and are more likely to cause damage than any other device. These items should be kept clean, especially for hygiene reasons. To keep them in good condition, place them in a zip-lock bag and cover it with socks.

You should also consider the other side of taking extra care: Make sure to pack any necessary toy cleaner and lubricants so that you don’t have to carry your toys around in a bag.

How to avoid accidents when traveling with a sextoy

We recommend that you ensure your battery-based toys have a non-removable, battery-powered battery to prevent it from accidentally setting itself off. Advanced toys may have a flight mode that locks them in a certain position for transport. However, this is very rare. Standard toys should be packed with lots of padding to protect them from accidental vibrations.

You might think it’s tempting to vibrate a vibrator until it stops vibrating. This is a great idea, but it’s not perfect. Although you can drain the batteries before you go, make sure that there is at least some juice left. (We’ll explain why soon). Make sure to bring a charger and cable that is compatible with your device so you can use it when you get there.

You don’t need to worry about the battery capacity limits set by aviation authorities. Your sex toys are unlikely to be found anywhere near these restrictions. It’s fine to bring a big power bank with you, but the TSA has stricter restrictions starting at 100 Watts.

You can take out the batteries if you want – keep that vibrator in your carry baggage

Style it Out: How to Travel with a Sex Toy

There’s a good chance that a battery-powered gadget you are carrying in your hand luggage will look very unusual when scanned. Gate security might be interested in taking a look at your unusual toy.

You don’t have to take a sextoy out of a bag or put it in a tray. However, if asked to show it, you might be asked to turn it on to prove that it is what it says it is.

We recommend being open and honest in awkward conversations. There’s no need to play games with each other. Airport security agents, despite how robotic their day might seem, are still human beings.

It’s a good idea to explain what’s happening before you remove the toy from the padding. This could save you some embarrassment. However, you can always use the neck massager excuse if your shy. However, this is not a good idea if your device is large or penis-shaped.

Stealth mode: How to travel with a sexual toy

There are some super-discrete toys that you can try if you want to go under the radar. The I Rub my Duckie, which is a somewhat confusing name, looks just like a rubber duck. As long as it’s kept away from children, it will seem innocent enough.

Wearable vibrators can also be fun, especially if you are looking for high-quality stimulation. Just make sure they are placed after the security checkpoint to avoid awkward searches.