August 13, 2022

Wayne Rooney Has Expensive Hair Transplant, Then Shaves Head

In Europe and South Africa they call it football, but in the US that mean’s something different, so it’s more commonly known as soccer. In the past soccer seemed more important to school-age children, or university students.

Wayne Rooney Has Expensive Hair Transplant, Then Shaves Head!

Some men have more hair than others, while others are follicularly-challenged. Many men shaving their heads and many men are stricken with baldness. It’s often a mental battle with the mind than a genuine concern for most people. After all, even bald men have wives, girlfriends, and partners, who don’t really care if they’re bald or not, have a beard or shaved.

For Wayne Rooney, he decided that being bald wasn’t making him happy, despite being an attractive footballer. He underwent over $20,000 to $30,000 of hair transplants. That’s $30,600 to $460,000 in US dollars! But since he’s a successful football player for Manchester United, one of the most popular football teams in the world (that’s soccer for Americans), he can afford it. 

Wayne Rooney is a twenty-nine year old football player for Manchester United. He also plays in the forward position and captains MU and the national World Cup team. He began playing at the pro level when he was only sixteen years old.

He is the club’s third highest goal scorer of all time. He’s been married for nine years despite some lifestyle issues, has two kids, and has tattoos on his body.

Rooney is a rich man. Not only does he have his football earnings, but he also does advertising for Nike, Ford, Coca Cola, Nokia, and Asda. He was dropped by some advertisers after issues with his personal life. It’s estimated he has an annual income of $32 million, just under David Beckham’s earnings. It’s been about a year since Rooney had his strawberry blond locks filled in on the top of his head. Apparently he had the high end hair replacement treatment done at the Harley Street Hair Clinic in London.

But imagine to our surprise, when he showed up for a game, with his hair shorn off! In a recent photo, he’s in Krakow Poland training with the English team. In the photo he has half his hair! What happened?No, apparently his hair transplant didn’t fail. He actually shaved the sides of his hair off, not the top. As the best electric shaver portal reported he using a Philips shaver. The top part of his head is where he had the hair transplants done. Like most men, he was losing hair from the top of his head, and not the sides.

Still, for a man who has spent over $460,000 on hair transplants, he must appreciate the value of hair. Or, was he simply catering to fashion, where men and even women are shearing off their side locks, and leaving their hair long on top?

You would think that Rooney may have wanted to grow his hair super long, in celebration of having a full head of hair after his surgery. But, apparently not. He’s rich, and does what he wants.

For Rooney’s fans, it’s a bit of a kick to realize that a man who has a wallet full of cash can have no hair one day, plenty the next, and then shear it off on a whim.