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Optimizing Warehouse Operations in Pharmaceutical Distribution Company

Cardinal Health is a multi-billion dollar logistics and distribution company that specializes in pharmaceuticals. They manage a variety of products, including brand names and generic drugs as well as over-the-counter drugs, beauty and health items, and their private labels. The nature of pharmaceutical products makes it more difficult for them to manage pharmaceutical warehousing. They are …


Wayne Rooney Has Expensive Hair Transplant, Then Shaves Head!

Some men have more hair than others, while others are follicularly-challenged. Many men shaving their heads and many men are stricken with baldness. It’s often a mental battle with the mind than a genuine concern for most people. After all, even bald men have wives, girlfriends, and partners, who don’t really care if they’re bald …


Soccer in the USA

In Europe and South Africa they call it football, but in the US that mean’s something different, so it’s more commonly known as soccer. In the past soccer seemed more important to school-age children, or university students. But there has been a resurgence in its popularity in the USA. In 1990, the USA made it …